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Da Nang Beaches

thanh binh beach da nang

For the last recent years, Da Nang has proved to be deserved as one of the most attractive and must-go cities thanks to the dramatically increasing development of itself. Once visiting Vietnam, you should not ignore this wonderful amazing destination which has a lot of awesome places to go, especially the glamorous Da Nang beaches. The matter is that how you could find for yourself a suitable one to reach. Here are top three finest beaches in Da Nang, which can be a useful tip for you if you have an intention to traveling Da Nang.

Best Beaches in Da Nang

  1. Non Nuoc Beach

Non Nuoc Beach in Da Nang takes up 5 km of Hoa Hai Ward’s coastline, featuring soft white sands, a gentle slope, unpolluted waters and mild waves all year long. Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, visitors can do plenty of sightseeing and leisure activities whilst enjoying local seafood dishes at many beachfront restaurants. If you’re looking to surf during your holiday in Da Nang, the best time to visit Non Nuoc Beach is between the months of April and September, when the wave angles are optimum and average water temperatures of 25 to 28 degree Celsius. There are also surf and stand-up paddling lessons available for inexperienced visitors.

non nuoc beach da nang
Non Nuoc beach stretches like a green arc located at the foot of Marble Mountain

Accessible within a 20-minute drive from Da Nang City or Hoi An, this expansive beach also hosts a number of luxurious five-star beach resorts and two international golf courses, where affluent travellers can wine and dine at Michelin-starred restaurants as well as indulge in a myriad of spa treatments. Non Nuoc Beach is a ten-minute walk from the iconic Marble Mountains, which houses 17th-century Buddhist sanctuaries and pagoda temples, sacred limestone caves, and local handicraft villages. Nature lovers can also enjoy hours of jungle-trekking or boating along Co Co River (Stork Neck River).

non nuoc beach da nang

  1. Thanh Binh Beach

Located in the gulf of Da Nang, with Nguyen Tat Thanh route runs right beside, Thanh Binh Beach is another appealing destination for you to reach if you have a chance to travel to Da Nang.

thanh binh beach da nang

Thanh Binh Beach is about 1 kilometer long. It is almost flat and rarely has big waves and there is no dangerous swirl water. Hence, many water sports such as water skiing, boating, canoe, etc are focused in investment and development. Thanh Binh beach is also a quiet beach providing space for people, the love couple and visitors to Da Nang to go sightseeing. When visitors come to this land, they are not only simply coming to a green clean city, but also visiting attractive beach, which can seduce any heart with its own pristine beauty. Sea is tranquil, peaceful and assessed that “pristine beaches were awakened in front of the surprise of the people of the city. The white sand is smooth and shy like the virgin face.” It would not be more romantic than to wake up in an early morning and ride a bike along this beach coast enjoying the fresh air and the glamorous sunrise.

thanh binh beach da nang

  1. My Khe Beach

da nang beach

Last but not least, visitors coming to Da Nang cannot neglect My Khe Beach located about 6km east of Da Nang and about 24km north of Hoi An which has been listed in Forbes Margazine as one of the most ideal beaches in Da Nang City. It is a nine-kilometre stretch of smooth sand with an average width between 50m and 70m. The gradient is gentle, and its sheltered position in the lee of the Son Tra peninsula softens the autumn winds that restrict swimming further down the coast. It is an ideal and huge beach with smooth sand and a slight slope. Behind the beach is a dark green poplar forest, and beside, the Kinh River carries crystal water to the sea. The beach has coral, abundant plants and creatures along bankside and under sea. Especially, the beach is next to the city centre, in roads easy to come and by various means of transport. Sea water in My Khe beach is cool with little wave so you can bath all year’s round, especially in summer from May to August. The lack of large waves, less than average pollution, and an annual mean temperature around 25 degree Celsius,  which makes it a safe place to swim for adults and children alike.

my khe beach da nang

What’s more, the beach has hotels, pleasure-houses and various abundant services, creating favorable conditions for tourists to relax on the seashores. Around the hotel area, there is plenty of seafood restaurants and stalls, and large numbers of local vendors traverse the beach selling all kinds of foods and drinks. Coastal specialties like shrimps, crabs, fish, cuttles, etc. in hundreds of small shops are at reasonable price.

These are some of our suggestion that may be a ideal hint for you if you are planning to travel to this amazing and attractive Da Nang city to enjoy your holiday after stressful and hard work. The only thing you need to do now is to pick up your backpack and take a trip to Da Nang where there are such a lot of awesome things that are waiting for you to explore.