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Experience “death” swing in Vietnam

death swing vietnam

Many people once dreamed of experiencing the “death” Bali Swing hovering in Indonesia without knowing that even in Vietnam you can also try this free flying feeling. Located on a farm named Bong Lai Swing Nature Farm, about 40 km from Dong Hoi airport, Quang Binh province, this “death” swing is attracting a lot of visitors to come here to challenge yourself.

death swing vietnam

The farm is located among flower gardens, guava gardens surrounded by immense hills and mountains. Right below is a cool, wild, beautiful stream as in the fairy-tales.

death swing vietnam

This type of amusement was operated by the owner 2 years ago and is increasingly attracting more and more visitors to Quang Binh. The swing is pulled by a 7.5 m long rope connected from two ancient cajuput trees planted 10 years ago.

The swing can fly about 15 meters above the water of the stream, making visitors feel completely suspended in the blue sky. You will be securely attached to the chair by a protective belt and pushed by a farm worker to create momentum.

death swing vietnam

The price of this service is 80,000 VND / time. Customers over 80 kg are advised not to participate for safety

The farm still retains the wildest features, without many modern activities or games. Instead, you will have moments of relaxation in the fresh nature. When hungry, you can order food from the farm, including a grilled chicken tray served with sticky rice, boiled sweet potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes grown right in the garden. Desserts are guava, bananas are also harvested on the spot.

death swing vietnam

In addition to swinging, visitors to Bong Lai farm (Bong Lai or meaning Elysium) can also participate in activities such as renting bicycles to explore the forest trails, riding buffaloes through streams, raising ducks, visiting farms and flower gardens, taking photos with sheep or stream bath

From here, visitors can see the Bong Lai valley in the area of ​​Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park filled with trees, majestic pristine and without much human intervention.

This “Elysium” is really a place for you to feel “very chill” among the mountains, breathe the fresh air, enjoy the relaxation, and challenge the death swing of course.