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Ba Na hills


TL 602 Hòa Ninh, Hòa Vang, Đà Nẵng

Da Nang has become one of the most interesting and busiest cities in Vietnam where there are plenty of amazing destinations for most of travelers. Once visiting Da Nang, you cannot absolutely forget Ba Na Hills, a complex of resorts, entertainments and amusements that will ease your mind just with the first time.

Ba Na hills

Ba Na Hills Station is a hill station and resort located in Trường Sơn Mountain range and is 25km from the southwest of Da Nang in central of Vietnam. It was founded in 1919 by French colonists with the aim of relaxing and travelling. With the height of 1,487 meters above the sea level, Ba Na Hills has unique climate. The average temperature is about 20 degree Celsius, you can feel four seasons in a day. There was a time when Vietnam was conquered by French, Ba Na was discovered and constructed to be a place to take a rest although there were only French or Vietnamese captains going there. After the August Revolution, Ba Na hills was forgotten and destroyed by Vietnamese people to defend against French. It was not until 1988 that Ba Na hills was reconstructed to be an ecological tourist area.

Ba Na hills resort

To get to Ba Na hills, you can hire private car or take a cab to Ba Na and use Ba Na cable cars to Ba Na Hills. At this moment, Ba Na cable cars has hold four Guinness World Records: the world’s longest single cable car system (5,042.62 meters long), the world highest gap between its departure and arrival station (1,291.81 meters high), the longest unpatched wire in the world of 11,581 meters and finally the heaviest cable roll in the world with 141.24 tons weigh. Ba Na hills cable car and entrance fee is 700,000 VNĐ for an adult (US$31/ticket), 600,000 VNĐ for children from 1 to 1.3 meters tall. Children below 1 meter height receive free ticket. The fee has included the ticket to enter Ba Na Hills resort, over 100 games at Fantasy Park, wine cellar, le Jardin D’amour and the first and unique funicular.

Ba Na hills cable car

golden bridge ba na hills

One day touring Ba Na hills, you can visit as many places. The first recommended place is Linh Ung Pagoda where there is a statue of the Buddhist with 27 meters tall. The next destination to come is the flower garden called Le Jardin D’Amour which consisted of 9 smaller European-influenced gardens with different concepts for each. The Golden Bridge, you will definitely feel tranquil and serene walking in this colorful heaven. Another amazing place is Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park. With an area of 21,000 m2, the Fantasy Park satisfies the entertainment demands of all ages, featuring amusing games for children to X-games for adults. Once you come here, you will get lost in an entertainment paradise with all kinds of game, from the game for tiny kids to the arcade adventure, thrills… all in all. The international-standard theme park also provides three main food courts serving Western and Asian food alongside souvenir shops offering various mementos to choose from.

golden bridge ba na hills

golden bridge ba na hills

Ba Na hills alpine coaster

Staying in Ba Na Hills for the whole day, you will experience the one-of-a-kind climate, which includes all four seasons in just 24 hours. There must have so many different fantastic places to visit. Let’s pick up your backpack and go! You will regret not having discovered one of the most gorgeous tourist attractions in Da Nang.

golden bridge ba na hills

  • Jason Lim November 29, 2018

    is there restaurant that serve caviar in Da Nang?

    • HVG November 30, 2018

      Yes, you can order at Morin restaurant in Ba Na hills.

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