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Han Market


119 Trần Phú Hải Châu 1 Đà Nẵng

Han Market is the central market, located in the heart of Da Nang city, near the Han River Bridge. Thanks to its convenient location, Han market Da Nang is not only a market for shopping activities but also attract tourists local and abroad when visiting Danang City.

han market da nang

There is a diversity of goods at Han Market, from fresh foods (vegetables, fruits, fishes and meats), dried foods to clothes, shoes which is traded all day long. However, the most special thing to look for at this market is probably fish sauce: the familiar yet unique food of the central regions Vietnam.

In addition to the variety of choices, Han Market also attracts many people by its relatively low prices because it functions as the wholesale market where goods are gathered before being distributed to smaller markets in the province.

han market da nang

Han Market Da Nang is ideal for those looking for some Da Nang’s souvenirs or local dried foods. Some specialties that can be found in Han market include Ly Son garlic, Chili paste, dried rice crackers, dried squids. At the front of the market are fruit stalls, abundant with tropical option from bananas to jack fruits, durian..

han market da nang

The busiest time of Han Market Da Nang are between 06:00 and 11:00 and then after 16:00, when the market is bursting with activity rather than asleep. It is just a short walk from Han River bridge or Dragon Bridge. One can easily reach Han market by taxi or motor taxi. If you stay at one of the beach resorts on Da Nang coast, a trip to Han market would cost $5/one way by taxi or you can rent a car in Da Nang for your shopping day.

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