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Hoi An Impression Theme Park


Cồn Hến, 200 Nguyễn Tri Phương, Hội An, Quảng Nam

Hoi An Impression Theme Park is considered as a lively, impressive exhibition that attracts visitors beside the old quarter of Hoi An. The venue for the Hoi An Memories show – the largest-scale reality show ever in Vietnam. Visit to the theme park and immerse yourselves into a space of cultural blending and interact with many colorful activities inside. The park is an enormous interactive show with an unique architecture where each staff is a performer and each corner is decorated like a mini show where old fairy tales are re-staged by fascinating theater arts.

Hoi an impression theme park
An outdoor silk dance performance at the Hoi An Impression Theme Park

Opening hours from 15:00 daily (except Tuesday). Visitors will enjoy the full view of the sunset on the banks of the Hoai River from the bridge and the path to the park. There is also a free shuttle boat service which visitors can choose to get to the theme park, included in the price of the Memories Hoi An show or the park entrance ticket. Many visitors have had beautiful photos with the sunset here. But that’s just the beginning of the interesting things when you come to Hoi An Impressions Theme Park.

Hoi an impression theme park
A Japanese village with traditional houses providing visitors a glimpse of the Japanese culture. The park also includes indoor and outdoor theatres, shopping and entertainment complexes and 200 hotel rooms.
Hoi an impression theme park
A visitor enjoys a ride on a Vietnamese-style palanquin at the theme park.

As soon as the night falls, visitors will seem to be lost in another space shimmering fantasy, only in ancient stories. Visitors to the park are always interested in the theme of Vietnamese Village which hosts interesting folk games and famous cuisines of Quang (extremely cheap price but very delicious). Not only that in the park, there are often many mini shows for visitors to better understand the history and culture of Hoi An.

Hoi an impression theme park
A performance of traditional Cham dances at the theme park.

For those who are passionate about photography, they are even more impressed with countless beautiful angles, from the Japanese bridge replica, the love bridge, the old town to the traditional craft spaces….

Hoi an impression theme park
A visitor poses for a photo at the park’s Japanese village.

Performances and entertainment programs are regularly renewed, elaborately investing in both quality and quantity especially on holidays or organizing events. So Hoi An Impression Theme Park has made many visitors come back not only once.

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