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Man Thai Fishing Village


Mai Chai Beach, Tho Quang, Son Tra, Da Nang

Man Thai fishing village is located right at the foot of Son Tra Mountain (Monkey Mountain), Da Nang, it’s the main fishing village of Da Nang city. Despite the city’s modernization, fisherfolk still use traditional methods and rattan basket boats to make their catch. If you travel to Man Thai beach at sunrise or sunset you can get an upclose view of the fish for sale and busy atmosphere of fishermen working on their basket boats and fishing net, see ordinary life, rustic people around.

man thai fishing village

The locals are sociable and full of smiles but prepare your nose for the stench of fish.In the cool of the evening the beach comes alive with locals making full use of the wonders of nature on their door step. Swimming and lively beach games are the main activities.

man thai fishing village

As you wander the beach front, take a close look at the fishing basket boats. They are remarkably simple in design, built around a frame of split bamboo, the hull is simply woven bamboo lacquered to make it water-resistant. These round basket-boats have remained unchanged for umpteen centuries in Man Thai fishing village.

man thai fishing village

There are also some local small restaurants in Man Thai beach, serving the fresh seafood which being bought right here on the beach. Head straight for any number of beach-side seafood restaurants and tuck into the delicious catch of the day.

man thai fishing village

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