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Red Beach Da Nang


Nguyễn Tất Thành road, Hòa Hiệp Nam, Liên Chiểu dist, Da Nang

The Red Beach of Da Nang is now known as Xuan Thieu Beach. This is a historic landmark – in 1965, American Marine Corps landed here, beginning the US “Local War” strategy in Vietnam. Before 1975, this Xuan Thieu beach was reserved for US troops because it was a military zone, a field of airfields and US military warehouses and defense systems protecting the city of Danang from the north. US soldiers called Xuan Thieu beach “Red Beach” – perhaps because of the visual sense of sunrise and sunset, red water reflected in the sea.

red beach da nang

The Red Beach is now Xuan Thieu beach and becoming a tourist attraction with a full system of accommodation, entertainment to serve local and foreign tourists to Xuan Thieu beach. Xuan Thieu beach is clean, beautiful and virgin with smooth white sand beach. You can go to the Red Beach and have a walk along this virgin beach you will feel the fresh sea and the serenity of Da Nang. From here you can also see the beautiful Son Tra Peninsula and one side is the majestic Hai Van Mountain.

red beach da nang

red beach da nang

Today, Xuan Thieu beach is still pristine clear and shimmering red under the sunset or dawn.

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