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Weird experience in Hoi An

biking in hoi an

Coming to visit Hoi An, you might be familiar with something popular which you read somewhere and put them on your list like must try Hoi An food, visit the old quarter Hoi An seeing the special architecture, take boat trip on Hoai River or enjoy the full moon night in Hoi An… However, if you are interested in something weird, something strange to foreigners to do in Hoi An, then we will recommend you how to change your direction to something quite weird but exciting that you may find enjoyable when staying in Hoi An.

1. Explore the beauty of Hoi An by bike

Free tours are definitely the best as far as we can tell with the help of Vietnamese people especially students. You will push through rice fields, figure out how they made some nearby sustenance, visit the external parts of Hoi An. Visit Kim Bong Carpentry town, perceive how vessels are made, visit Duy Vinh dozing mat town and influence rice to paper at a family’s home. The visit is composed each Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday.

2. Join in the bamboo bike making workshop

Do you wanna get your brand-new bike made by yourself? If don’t miss the Bamboo Bike making workshop in Hoi An! There, you will not only discover why the bamboo is loved by the locals, understanding its strength and reliability but also learn and get hands on with building your own bamboo bicycle.

The entire workshop to build your own handmade bamboo bike takes from 7 days (for city bikes) to more than 10 days (for sporty bikes) to complete (7-8 hours every day). You can participate in the first half of the process of building your bamboo bike, while the host will take over the finer finishing details which you are most welcome to witness, or host can make arrangement if you want to participate more. Once your bike is ready, upon request, the host can also arrange for the shipping of your bike to your home address overseas (shipping charges not included in the price).

3. Have your dress done within hours!

Hoi An has countless things to attract the local and worldwide tourists as well, some of those are satchels, shoes, skirts, dresses, taken in under 24 hours. Forbes magazine has respected one of the most amazing stores in Hoi An because of its incredibly fast and professional service. After just 4 hours or around that, you can get what you have quite recently requested. The design style in Hoi An is totally extraordinary, fashionable and its costs fluctuates from only $15 to $100.

4. Enjoy folk games

Tourists usually spend time visiting or traveling to some antique as well as iconic and historic architecture that present the image of the country they reach. However, they might now join in some traditional games especially in Vietnam. An extremely fun and memorable experience is participating in the folk game in Hoi An. During the evening, in the wake of sticking around, you can stop toward the start of Nguyen Thai Hoc Street or Kazik park to drench in the upbeat and enthusiastic air in folk game called Bai Choi – Hoi An’s traditional game, or stop at a corner on Tran Phu Street to play the amusement “blindfolded hit pot”. Only with a little time playing a small game of a small town, you still discover the amusement and simple life of local people as well as the way they entertain themselves in such a traditional way.

5. View flower garlands flow on the water

Hoi An is much more charming and glamorous especially in the evening. Therefore, with some more lights and music, it becomes such an ideal and tranquil place to enjoy. Besides watching its beauty, tourist can take part in decorating the party of light in the river bank. A wonderful experience is to drop flower garlands onto the Hoai River, like you are releasing all of your stress after such hard and difficult days. You yourself with your garlands on your hand will put those small sparkling flower garlands on the river with the hope of bring good luck to your family and relatives. The flower garlands, therefore, becomes the typical feature in Hoi An as well.